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Planet "Gliese 581g" discovered in Sep 2010, is celebrated as the "first potentially habitable" alien world. This means that it could sustain liquid water and may potentially host life like Earth. It offered a new ’choice’ to life and its continuity.

With this heartening discovery came a new problem. How long would it take to get there? A spaceship traveling at a one-tenth of the speed of light would reach Gliese 581g within about 220 years.

As we see, a new choice comes with a set of problems; problems that can be talked about endlessly. The smart way would be to talk about the solutions. How about a space ship that could travel at twice the speed of light? Well that would be a fit solution to reach Gliese in 11 years!

We at "Gliese Consulting Pvt. Ltd" also offer solutions to everyday financial problems for executives, independent professionals, retired individuals and business owners - which are uniquely different. We offer a ’choice’ to empower our patrons.

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There are two broad categories of available solutions:

Personal Solutions
Unable to organize your personal finances or need guidance in taxation or estate planning? Gliese has years of experience and expertise in assisting individuals with solutions, that offers you a complete peace of mind.

Business  Solutions
Running a business or planning to start a new one? We guide you from incorporation of a new company to organize your business, taxation, compliance and other legal matters.

our vision


We aspire to be known for our research and development of intellectual capital. We would be the market leader in creating customized need based financial solutions / products for individuals and enterprises across India.


our Core Values:


1. Research & Knowledge up gradation
2. Creating Need Based Solutions / Products for Individuals and Enterprises
3. Make things simple for all stakeholders
4. Quality in execution by creating standard processes for each solution
5. Critical review & continuous Improvement in our solutions and processes
6. Ethics & integrity in communication and performance
7. Knowledge sharing with all stakeholders
8. Lead balanced healthy life

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  • I must convey that they are very much devoted with their work. They chase and liaison with the concerned department meticulously. At the end they are meant for results not for gossip or story-making. Regards

    Dr. Anup Kumar Ghosh.
    (Director, S.D. College of Management, Panipat)
  • Found the investment advice and EPF services very useful.

    CA Purnojit Chatterjee.
    (Manager Business Planning, Shell, Chennai)

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